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ForkOff/Together Update #6 

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Whelp. Here I go again. Somebody else has a piece of my heart. Let's see how this one turns out, shall we?

It's long distance, but even so, they do me a happy when they do me a protecc. So it's a decent start. πŸ’œ

I imagine you already have your Bingo cards out for this one...

That's fair.

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My heart hurts so very much right now. It's what I get for loving too fast, and too strongly, but it still hurts just the same.

If you're out of the loop, here's the full evolution of what I'm talking about:

This is a record speed for me. πŸ˜“

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@sendoshin Aaaaand got my hopes up way too far.

Gained a friend, which is awesome!

Didn't gain a partner.

So, y'know, disregard all the above.

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No, mom, I'm not microblogging the tiny banalities of my life. πŸ™„ I'm serially publishing my memoir on the internet.

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First date? Success! 😍

He's every bit as amazing in person! And I didn't completely flub with my awkward attempts at interaction! And OMG, his little family of cats, rats, and buns is totes adorbs, too! *more excited screaming*

So, if you couldn't tell, I'm pretty happy right now. πŸ’œ

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The wonderful thing about transness
Is trans is a wonderful thing!
With the pills and the needles and patches,
And endless rounds of counseling!
The poking, prodding
Surgery plotting
Fun fun fun fun fun!
But the most wonderful thing about trans is
You're not the only one!
Noooooooooot the only one!

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Just shy of starting the second dose of E. Kinda expected more in the way of psychological effects already, but I'm not sure why. It's only been three days, after all.

In case you missed it a few days ago:

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Puberty 2.0 starts off a bit slowly...

Though I suspect 1.0 had the same issues.

And of course the forced "andropause" took some time to gain momentum as well.

Human biology is fascinating sometimes.

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I no longer have an account on ... This happened without warning, so I don't have my archive, or even my followers list so I can tell folks to relocate. If you know somebody who was following my account there, and still wants to follow me elsewhere, please let them know to look for me here.

And no flaming the admin(s) of IWCTS. The decision was without warning, but it wasn't unwarranted. I hope the instance continues to thrive!

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This account swears up and down it's my main.

Time for that to become the truth again.

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Hey y'all, I hate to do this again but money is a bit tight right now due to multiple bouts of mental health stuff going on and a recent incident I've been on and off work for a while now and have burnt my savings. Fees for my next batch of meds will be coming through soon and after that I'm boned till I can sell some stuff.

If you can spare it, any amount of money would be greatly appreciated.

You can also buy lewd pics of me here (NSFW link):


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trans gatekeeping, binarism, metadiscussion of phobias, 

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Still a few responses trickling in, but now that nearly all of them are variations of "shut up, you're wrong", I'm gonna post a link and go back to working on my own projects for a while. I strongly encourage everyone, on every side of this "debate", to read it through, and actively consider the lived reality of those involved.

What you do from there is your business.

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"Why are queer people so overtly sexual so often?"

Well. Okay. Imagine opening a can of soda after shaking it for more than a decade.

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PSA and reminder:

The terms "blacklist" and "whitelist" are racially charged. Please use "blocklist" and "allowlist" instead.

Yes, the terms are old. Yes they're not directly based on race. But they _are_ based in the systemic idea that "white == good; black == bad". Just because something is traditional doesn't mean it's acceptable.

It took me a while to see just how insidious little things like this are, too. It's ok to take some time to understand. Just please switch terms while you do.

Not going to v2.3.3, technically, but the hotfix is applied to `master`, so we're getting that anyway. And it'll say 2.3.3, even though it's more like 2.3.3-plus. It's complicated, because of how version control works.

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